First-Year Student's Guide » Student Bus Pass, Library Access Code, and Meal Pass


Upon registration you should also apply for the following student privileges: a. your student transportation pass, b. your Library Code sticker and c. (optionally) your free meal plan pass for the University restaurants.

Your student transportation pass is a must-have: it entitles you to a 50% reduction on practically all means of public nation-wide transportation, plus reduced-fee or free entrance to many cinemas, theatres, museums and various cultural institutions. It is renewed annually for each year you remain a registered student (undergraduate or postgraduate), and you should keep it with you at all times—note that it is not transferable. Bus passes are distributed by the Faculty Secretariat when you register, upon presentation and stamping of your student identity card. The cost of obtaining a pass is one euro (€1).

You should also immediately go up to the Library and fill in (or download, fill in and submit in person) an application to receive your barcode sticker that will allow you access to the Library and its book-borrowing system. Along with the application, you must submit your student identity card to be coded—you will get it back with the Code sticker on the next working day.

Your meal plan allows you to have free meals at the University restaurant (either the one on the ground floor of the School of Philosophy, or the one downtown, at the Student Club, 15 Ippokratous street). Please obtain (either at the University restaurants or by downloading and filling in) your meal plan application and present it to the Secretariat for validation, then take the signed document to the University restaurant that will be most convenient for your meals.