First-Year Student's Guide » Housing


An important issue for many University of Athens students who move in from the provinces or from abroad (e.g., ERASMUS students) is finding the right kind of housing. The University helps new students in the following two manners:

First, there is the option, for students that fit the given criteria, to be housed in the University Dormitories. Available rooms are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so if you are interested in one you should apply as early as possible. For more information on the subject, please see the webpage of the National Youth Foundation on student dormitories. You may also call the dorm secretariats at 210 7258723 (Dorm A’, 21 Ulof Palme street, Ano Ilissia) or at 210 7782466 (Dorm B’, 4 Taxilou street, Ilissia).

Secondly, for those students who wish to rent an apartment off-campus, there is a new online housing search service that can facilitate them. This service, called RENTO, is available gratis to all the members of the University of Athens community, BUT CURRENTLY ONLY IN GREEK. To use it, go to the Greek version of the University of Athens webpage, then go to the subpage Φοιτητικά Θέματα, and click on the option Αναζήτηση Φοιτητικής Στέγης. There you may look for the kind of housing that fits your needs through ads in simple Greek that show for each available site full contact information, area maps, points of student interest, and site photos.