First-Year Student's Guide » First Examinations


Although attendance is not mandatory for passing a class, taking the final exam is. It is also mandatory to pre-select which exams you will take by submitting a declaration application (dilosi) at the start of each semester at the Faculty Secretariat. Grades for exams you may have taken without declaring them in your application beforehand will not count as valid, no matter what the grade is.

Exam dates, hours and locations are posted usually 1-2 weeks before the end of each semester at the notice board outside the Faculty Secretariat or in the online announcement board, so check there. You should come to the exam location 15 minutes earlier. Bring several of your own ruled paper (kolles anaforas), pens (no pencils) and whiteout. Don’t forget your student identity card, because you will be asked for official verification in order to submit your written paper. Please note that any form of copying or cheating, or even the mere existence of cheat-sheets, is reason enough for your immediate expulsion from the exam--so don't even  try it! A decree issued by the Rector's office also prohibits the activation and/or operation of cell phones and other mobile devices during the exam, in order to avoid both noisy interruptions and the possibility of cheating.

Students with special needs may request an oral examination: please see the instructor for the course you are interested in as soon as the exam program is posted.

Grades are posted online at approximately 15 days after the exam. It is your responsibility to monitor your progress, and notify early on the instructor in case of some discrepancy (e.g., there may be no grade showing for an exam you have taken).