First-Year Student's Guide » Registration


New students register before everyone else at the beginning of each academic year (September), so contact the Faculty Secretariat or check the website announcements to find out the dates. Upon registration you will receive your student identity card, an important document you should safeguard until graduation day. For your registration, you will need the following papers:

  • A simple copy of your civilian identity card, both sides.
  • A certified copy (or the original) of your Lyceum diploma or the equivalent graduation certificate.
  • A certified copy of your certificate of access to the Faculty of English Language and Literature, available at the Lyceum from which you graduated.
  • Six identity card-type photos.
  • An N.105-type affidavit (part of your personal file), to be printed out, filled and submitted, stating that you are not registered in any other tertiary education School or Department in Greece.

PLEASE NOTE that, by decree of the Rectors’ council, medical examinations for new students are now optional.

For registrations, grades and course declarations online, please visit and apply for access as soon as possible.