First-Year Student's Guide » First Classes


It is important to contact the Faculty Secretariat early on or to consult the website regularly to find out when the first day of classes is. Professors usually hand out the course syllabi and offer useful general information and overviews of the material on the first day, so it is important that you attend. Textbooks for each class are distributed free of charge in two ways: either by the professors themselves, who will let you know about the process and time, or by various designated bookstores downtown. Keep checking the electronic notice system of the Faculty Secretariat or contact them for instructions on when and where to go for books. For a single course, different stores may be designated for each book. Please note that you cannot receive books without your student identity card and registration.

Some professors also supplement your book readings with photocopied note packs, distributed free of charge by them or made available online on e-class. Make sure you get your books and note packages early on, as you are not entitled to them after the semester has passed. Make sure to keep all your books and note packs neat and safe: only one copy per student is allowed.